The new academic year is going to start and this time INSA Strasbourg is glad to welcome 57 international students coming from 12 different countries. More students will come in the second semester as well.

On August 16th, Marc Renner, the director of INSA Strasbourg, made a welcome speech to all non-francophone students who will follow an intensive French course at Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe. This course will last two weeks ending just before the start of the lectures in September.

The students come from all around the world, namely from Americas, Europe, North Africa and Asia. At INSA Strasbourg they will mostly attend lectures in French, but also in English.

The welcome day will take place on September 4th where the international relations office will provide some general information in the morning. After that, a treasure hunt organized by Giordano Viola from the international office and Martial Rodrigues from the students’ bureau will allow the students to become familiar with the building and the university campus. This treasure hunt will also be an occasion for the international students to meet their respective buddy, who will take them to the Resto U’ Gallia for a “tarte flambée” night.

The international relation office welcomes all international students hoping that they will spend an excellent study period in Strasbourg.

Photo credit: Giordano Viola

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