Carrying-on with the tradition, INSA Strasbourg welcomes five students from Syracuse University for a six-week internship research project. The students recently flew in from the State of New-York and started on monday. Their internship will be focused on two main fields: mechanical engineering and bio engineering.

INSA Strasbourg gives a warm welcome to:

Elizabeth Clarke who will work at the SMIS platform with Dr.Philippe Denier on physico-chemical surface modifications on titanium alloy and/or polymers for biomedical application.

Matthew Nigro, at ICube, tutored by Dr. Essia Belhaj and Paola Paul, a PHD student researching mechanical characterization of concrete made with spent foundry sands.

With the same tutors , Anne Caldwell will be focusing on the valorization of foundry sands in concrete.

Arianna Woodberry, tutored on innovative conception: designing and building of a physical model between IOT object and online dynamic problem graph with Dr.Denis Cavallucci at ICube.

Also at ICube, Stephen Moniz will collaborate with PHD student Théophile Paul to research on battery sizing and human machine interface development for hybride electric vehicle.

They were welcomed last friday with director of the Syracuse University Strasbourg center : Raymond Bach by the international relations team. That day, INSA Strasbourg was the host of the thresholds in architectural education, a workshop led by professor Lazaros Mavromatidis. The Syracuse students had the opportunity to witness the presentation of an architectural project given by a group of students in front of an international jury. They were then taken to the lab where they were welcomed by Dr.Philippe Denier who introduced them to their tutors.

From left to right : Elizabeth Clarke, Anne Caldwell, Arianna Woodberry, Hicham Chibane , teacher-researcher at INSA Strasbourg, Raymond Bach, director of the SU Strasbourg Center at Syracuse University, Matthew Nigro, Dr.Philippe Denier, teacher in electrical, HVAC and energy engineering, Angelika Hammann director of the international relations service, Stephen Moniz and Paola Paul, PHD student at INSA Strasbourg

We wish Elizabeth, Arianna, Anne, Matthew and Stephen a pleasant stay at INSA Strasbourg.

Photo credit : international relations service of INSA Strasbourg

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