From the 15th to the 17th May 2019, Diana Signolet, in charge  of the outgoing mobility of the international relations service attended the “ International staff training days” in Iceland. The University of Iceland greeted around 40 participants, all members of European Higher Education Institutes (HEI). These training days were organized into different workshops and presentations revolving around the theme: “Mobility & digitalization”. The premises of the program “Erasmus without paper” were also introduced. This new program will replace the actual Erasmus + and will be effective as soon as 2021-2022 for a seven-year period.

The main focus of these training days was to debate on the new challenges regarding European mobility as well as the digitalization of the administrative processes in order to facilitate and increase the number of exchanges within Europe. To do so, at the end of the week, various institutions closed up the training days with a presentation of their information technology (IT) tools used for mobility’s management. These presentations represent a source of inspiration for INSA Strasbourg who is also seeking to improve its digitalization system.

First day of training at the University of Iceland

During the same week, Diana Signolet took advantage of the event to visit another partner: the Reykjavik University. She met with the director of the international relations service, the responsible of the incoming mobility and program manager of the “Iceland energy school” of the University. As an important partner in HVAC and energy engineering for INSA Strasbourg, this meeting allowed both parties to discuss solutions to find a balance between the number of incoming and outgoing. Indeed, collaboration in research or final year projects could be interesting alternatives to keep a balance in the number of exchanges.

Meeting with the group of International staff participants from various European HEIs


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