Within the framework of the partnership with Prydniprovska’s Civil Engineering and Architecture state Academy (PAEGCA), INSA Strasbourg has had the pleasure to host the second edition of the francophone summer school of architecture from the 3rd to the 24th of July 2019.

This year around, Natalya Yakovyshena, director of the department of intensive foreign languages program and coordinator of project was accompanied by Jean-Paul Meyer, director of Strasbourg’s faculty of literature, Claude Noël, architect, economist and author from Paris, Rudolf Brennenmann, delegate of the exchange federation of France-Ukraine, Igor Ryzhkov, computer engineer and university lecturer at PAEGCA and Olga Velikorodnaya, architect-painter of Moscow.

The 18 students who partook in the summer program were given theoretical classes on diverse themes like architecture, drawing, economy and French. A part of their program was dedicated to visits of buildings internationally recognized for their architectural qualities like the European institutions, worship facilities, half-timbered houses but also the modern and contemporary buildings of Strasbourg. It was the case for the discovery of the multimedia library André Malraux, thanks to a guided tour given by Marc Meschberger, director of the library. Some of these visits were supervised by Jean-Jacques Virot, retired professor of architecture and Frank Guené, professor in the architecture department of INSA Strasbourg.

At the end of their stay, each student had to present a report with pictures of the subjects they studied and displayed their sketches. This oral presentation was a good exercise for them to practice their French and show the work elaborated in the course of their internship.

The francophone summer school of architecture which gets together in the premises of INSA Strasbourg for the second time, has for objective the mix of both the linguistics and architecture aspects. It also allows students the discovery of internationally renowned monuments and their architecture, to learn more about the history of arts and to open their personal horizon.

Pictures of the summer school :

“The students were very happy to have been able to take part in that valuable experience. We would like to thank the organizers, the International relations office of INSA Strasbourg and Louise Flouquet, our guide who gave us great guided tours throughout our stay!”

It has been a pleasure for INSA Strasbourg to receive them!

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