On the photo: Professor Wang Zhi, President of Jinan University (left) and Denis Cavallucci, professor and researcher at INSA Strasbourg (right)

From May, 24th until June 1st, Denis Cavallucci, professor at INSA Strasbourg and head of CSIP research group at I-Cube, was invited as Keynote Speaker at the University of Jinan in China for the first time, on the occasion of their national conference about research on Inventive Design. Design sciences consist in the study, the evolution and the invention of new ways of creating and designing new products.

In this context, the President of the Chinese university offered Denis Cavallucci the title of Professor Guest Honorary at the University of Jinan.

“I accepted the proposal with honor because it shows a form of  recognition of our research and teaching works on inventive design, central to CSIP research axis, now members of I-cube. Those research activities are the first of its kind; it began in 1995 at INSA Strasbourg and has been constantly developed since then.”Denis Cavallucci

Denis Cavallucci, Professor and Researcher at INSA Strasbourg (left) and Professor GAO Changqing, University of Jinan (right)

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