Annika Niel, Communication Officer at INSA Strasbourg, participated from 19 to 21 September 2019 in an international week organised by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden (KTH, INSA Strasbourg’s academic partner) as part of the European Erasmus+ training mobility programme.

Feedback on her experience:

« About fifty administrative staff and university teachers from international partner universities and schools were present. The first day began with an introduction to Stockholm as an innovative region for education. The three institutions that co-organized the international week: the Higher Education Karolinska Institutet, KTH and Stockholm University gave an overview of their respective institutions. The day ended with a presentation of the Stockholm Academic Forum association, whose objective is to contribute to the development of the professional and networking careers of expatriate partners in Stockholm.

On the second day, the meeting was held on the KTH campus to participate in presentations on the school, its functioning, and the link between the administration services and with the students. The students’ office thus informed about events organized in collaboration with the administration, particularly those for an international audience. Afterwards the International Recruitment Service presented the international communication tools developed for international students.

Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

The day continued with a visit to the 1827 campus, its observatory and its facilities (amphitheatres, staff rooms, classrooms, etc.).

I was also able to meet Åsa Andersson, head of the international recruitment department, to discuss KTH’s international communication and their communication tools. This exchange allowed me to have new ideas for INSA Strasbourg’s digital communication and to discover a new way of working.

After a visit to the city, the visit ended at the Finnish Embassy with an introduction to higher education.

This experience was professionally enriching, particularly in terms of international communication and the support developed by the partner, but also in terms of project management for the organisation of an event lasting several days and the Swedish higher education system.

This mobility was also interesting from a cultural point of view, Stockholm being a city full of historical and cultural museums to discover from island to island. »

Text and photos : Annika Niel


INSA Strasbourg supports a mobility policy for its staff thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. There are two possibilities in Europe :

  • for teaching staff members: teaching and training mobility grants
  • for non-teaching staff members: training mobility grants

Interested persons can contact the International Relations Office for information.

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