On Monday 2nd of september, INSA Strasbourg welcomed the 39 new international students in the framework of the welcome day organized by the international relations department of the school.

The day started with an information meeting, introduced by the welcome speech of Romuald Boné, director of INSA Strasbourg. Angelika Hammann, head of the international relations department later gave a general presentation of INSA Strasbourg and the international relations. Anne Ankenmann, responsible for the incoming mobility also gave them necessary administrative instructions for their first days. Regarding student life ,Amila Strikovic and Mylène Auguet, heads of the international pole of the students’ union and students in 4rth and 3rd year of HVAC engineering presented the activities of the association and the events organized for the international students. This meeting was closed up by Tiphaine Blanchier, who introduced the program established by the Young ambassadors of Alsace  (Jeunes ambassadeurs d’Alsace) for the upcoming academic year of 2019-2020. Specialties’ coordinators and the coordinator for languages were also present : Floriane Ballot in charge of the orientation for English courses, Anke Vrijs, coordinator of the architecture department, Bertrand Guyvarch coordinator of the civil engineering specialty and Nicolas Serres, coordinator of the mechanical engineering specialty.

Treasure hunt on the theme of the crazy scientist :

During the afternoon, the treasure hunt which was organized by Amila Strikovic, Mylène Auguet and Yasmine Sidloch, trainee at the international relations office, took place. This year, based on the theme of the crazy scientist, the international students, paired up with their buddies of INSA Strasbourg went on a treasure hunt to find where the scientist was hidden. This first encounter with their buddies allowed them to get to know each other while getting acquainted with their new environment thanks to the strategical location of the challenges, placed between the premises of INSA and the University campus. The three winning teams received cultural and gastronomic prizes to share. To wrap up these first welcome days, a welcome dinner was organized at the university cafeteria la Gallia, on the 4th of September as well.

Check out the video retracing the afternoon :

The school welcomes this year 39 students from Asia, America and Africa.

INSA Strasbourg  wishes them a pleasant stay among us ! A big thank you to the organizers and members of the students’ union for their participation.

Photo credit : Valentin Philiponet & Angelika Hammann

Video credit : Valentin Philiponet

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